🎁 Christmas Betty

One of the biggst role that dressbetty plays is holiday outfits ideas provider.
As Dressbetty holds the core belief that family is the most important and the mission of fashion is to make life more colorful and meaningful.

As much as we want to contribute to your Christmas dressing plan, Dressbetty has the big vision to be inspiring in your daily life and every important occasions. Eventually to become your trusted fashion friend that you can always turn to when you have needs.

Brand Story

Dressbetty is a high-quality clothing boutique for mature women. We takes inspiration from many brands of top trends, established in 2015, focusing on women clothing and accessories. We’ve been making effort on team building and brand culture, which we believe is the key to making businesses successful. We carefully select our team members and spend time to monitoring shipping data. Hope to provide the best service we can and always be customers’ first choice when it comes to fashion.

Our Direction

Through all these years of designing, we have cultivated our life philosophy of the brand: fashion is a language that people use to express themselves. Also, we firmly hold the view that fashion is the realm of freedom because people have every right to dress themselves the way they like to show their gender identifications, social status, personality indications, and all the other aspects.

Vision and Wish

We aim to inspire more and more independent and vocal women with our fashion philosophy. Therefore, we have been, are, and will always dedicate ourselves to providing a wide variety of options of high-quality products so you can find something that suits you whenever you want. Any suggestions there is that can make us better please don’t hesitate to let us know.


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